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We are a dilapidations consultancy, uniquely providing expert application of the legal limitation, or cap, on damages, or compensation, payable for breached repairing and decorating covenants in leases of commercial properties throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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Thorough and most effective pursuit of dilapidations claims - both for landlords and tenants - requires the input of two distinct specialisms of chartered surveyor. The chartered building surveyor initially, to identify disrepair and price remedies. Then the chartered valuation surveyor, to advise if you are affected by the legal cap on damages.

For most second-hand commercial properties, a point is reached in targeted spending on remedial works at which doing more, will not further improve the property’s value. Therefore, in reality, the total cost of fixing everything - even your own building surveyor’s figure - will usually be higher than the effect on the property’s value.

That is why the ‘Diminution Valuation’ prepared by a chartered valuation surveyor is a crucial tool in the former tenant’s case to minimise what it pays out in dilapidations. Yet it is often carelessly overlooked. Sometimes the chartered building surveyor wrongly advises that it is not necessary, simply through a lack of proper understanding about their fellow chartered surveyor’s distinct specialism.

Paul J Raeburn BSc (Hons) MRICS DipArb FCIArb 
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RICS Registered Valuer
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